I’ve become an expert in finding the best light—even in the darkest of hotels or churches! But my love of romance extends beyond light to the sentimental and unique elements each couple brings to their day. I love getting to know you as a couple and hearing your love story. 

s a natural light photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana, I'm drawn to the soft & romantic feel of light in the world around us.

in a romantic and timeless way. From first looks to the moment right before a kiss and every detail in between, I capture every moment to ensure you have images and memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. 

When I’m not dreaming about the perfect light or getting to know amazing couples, you’ll find me spending time with the loves of my life — my four children, soaking in the outdoors and most likely drinking a cup of coffee. I love to travel and find fun unique things to do! 

et me tell you—I’m a sucker for the stories! And my goal is to capture this story on your day—all the love and the fun and the joy you share...

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