5 tips for planning your engagement photo shoot

September 1, 2021

Indianapolis engagement photographer


Back in the day, engagement photos were often an afterthought, something to include with your engagement announcement in the local paper. And, for that, you only needed one good shot, maybe from JC Penney or Olan Mills. These days, you don’t have to look far to see that times have definitely changed. Thanks to social media, the pressure for perfect engagement photos has never been higher. But have no fear! We’re here to take the pressure off and bring back the fun and simplicity to engagement photos! 

Check out these five tips to make your engagement photos stress-free and fun while still capturing the images of your dreams.

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1. Glam it up with professional hair and makeup

Why save the great hair and makeup for your wedding day? Engagement photos are a great time to do a test run with your wedding day vendors, especially your makeup artist, to see how their work will photograph. And when it comes to your hair, even if you just end up getting a blow-out for your engagement photos, having someone do it for you will take some pressure off of you and give you an opportunity for more face-time with the person who will be doing something possibly more complicated on your big day. Pamper yourself a little, and you’re more likely to be relaxed and feel your best in front of the camera!

2. Get polished—nails, of course

What’s the first thing people say after you announce you’re engaged? “Let’s see the ring!” Your person probably spent time and effort in picking out the perfect ring, and we’re going to show it off. We’ll do plenty of “ring shots,” and everyone knows a good manicure is the perfect compliment to a beautiful ring. Hair, makeup, nails—we’re saying “Treat yo’ self, Girl!”

Indianapolis wedding photographer

3. Get ready to dress up—and dress down

Planning two outfits for your engagement shoot gives you more variety in the kinds of photographs you’ll have to share, use, and cherish. We suggest you both have a casual outfit and a dressier one—whatever your definition may be of the two. A couple things to consider: First, avoid busy patterns. They typically don’t photograph as well. Also think about the fit of your clothes—avoid wearing shapeless clothes that might be less than flattering in photos. Need some ideas? Check out the following pics for some inspiration!

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4. Pick a meaningful location

What do you like to do together?  Do you play tennis together, like to go to movies, enjoy a special restaurant? We’ll work with you to pick locations for your shoot that represent you and your relationship. From the site of your first date to a romantic park scene, let’s do it! Your engagement shoot should tell your love story and reflect your personalities.

Indianapolis wedding photographer
Indianapolis wedding photographer

5. Go with the flow

During the shoot, don’t stress. You don’t have to be a model with 1,000 different poses up your sleeve when you come. Just be you—that ends up making for the best photographs. Our goal is to capture natural moments, but I will also pose you. I often act like a mirror and show you the look that I’m going for—even if I look goofy doing it! But really and truly, you won’t have to give it much thought. Remember, we want this to reflect you and your personalities, so I won’t have you do any poses that don’t match that. Leave it up to the pro, and I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. 

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