8 Must-Have Detail Shots For Your Wedding

June 6, 2022

Indiana wedding photographer


When planning your wedding, you spent plenty of days, and maybe even some sleepless nights, thinking about how everything you should look and how everything should go on your wedding day. You thought about what type of dress you should wear, what the wedding colors should be, where you should get married, what kind of flowers you should carry, what kind of wedding invitations you should order… and that’s only scratching the surface! All these details tell a story, and we love your story! That’s why we want to capture as many of them as possible. These are the top 8 we make sure to ALWAYS include in any wedding album.

1. The Dress

2. The Invitations

3. The Bouquet

4. The Rings

5. The Shoes

6. The Cake

7. The Place Settings & Tables

8. The Groom’s Accessories

While these details on their own may not tell the whole story, they come together to represent you and the thoughts and love that went into planning the day the rest of your lives began!