Bridal Photo Shoot

November 16, 2017


Carmel Indiana Bridal Photo Shoot

Focusing on the bride before the wedding

Not only are these type of photo shoots so much fun but there are so many positive.  For example: no need to worry about poor lighting in hotel rooms or churches or rainy days.  Also we can have confidence that we already got amazing photos of bride (no worries).  Another great benefit is that the bride gets practice and sees the results before the wedding to see if she wants to do anything different with hair, makeup, etc….

How do they work?  Before the wedding we coordinate hair and makeup then put on your wedding dress and meet at a local park, or favorite location!  The amazing part is that we can really pick the best lighting and location then take our time.  If you are interested in adding this feature to your wedding package lets talk!!!!!

As a wedding photographer I am committed to your experience!  At Heather Sherrill Photography we strive to translate your most memorable moments into artful photographs that you can cherish for a lifetime!  If you are getting married and would like more information on our packages I would love to chat!  Feel free to contact me!