Destination Wedding Myths Uncovered

November 8, 2022

Destination Wedding Photographer


Planning a wedding can be a huge task and seem overwhelming at times, and thinking about planning a dream destination wedding may feel even more overwhelming, maybe even impossible. But don’t count a destination wedding out yet! We’re going to look at some destination wedding myths and discover the truth! (Spoiler alert: your dream destination wedding IS possible!)

First Myth: Destination Weddings are more expensive.

Much like a wedding in your hometown or where you reside, destination weddings run a wide range of budgets. There are several things that contribute to a wedding budget; the same is true for destination weddings. However, it is a common myth, that destination weddings are more expensive. 

Bridget Davis
Owner & Lead Stylist 

Some resorts offer a selection of all-inclusive wedding packages that are under $10,000 with plenty of amenities. And, there are a plethora of complementary wedding packages that often only require a specified minimum night’s stay. Check with resorts in your dream locale and see what they offer!

Second Myth: I won’t be able to invite my full guest list.

Some destination wedding venues are capable of accommodating 200 + guest. However, you may decide that whittling your guest list could be worth it for the perfect venue!

When considering a destination location, we find that most couples choose to decrease their guest count (although not all!). For example, renting a castle in Scotland for 35 guests for 3 days, including everything except airfare can cost the same or less than hosting a 150 person, 5 hour reception at home. 

Bridget Davis
Owner & Lead Stylist 

Third Myth: You have to do it all yourself.

Destination weddings are part of a specialized industry with industry pros who specialize in making sure everything goes off without a hitch! Most popular destinations for weddings have a plethora of seasoned local and international professionals ready to help, so no need to worry about not speaking the language or trusting strangers. Plus, your favorite wedding planners, photographers (ME), and makeup artist might be ready to travel–just ask!

As a wedding photographer, I’m always ready to capture your day, where ever it might take you. I like to get to know my couples months in advance so we can build a relationship and a plan to capture your dream wedding. I want to build your trust and ensure I know your personalities and your preferences!

Fourth Myth: Your destination wedding has to be on a beach.

Who told you that? Just kidding! I think most people imagine a beach when they hear “destination wedding,” but there are so many more amazing options that don’t involve trudging through sand in high heels! What about a villa in southern France? A hacienda in Mexico? On a mountaintop? It could be a special place you love, a destination you’ve dreamed of visiting, or an opportunity to share an adventure with your guests. Think outside the box for a wedding spot that truly feels like yours!

Fifth Myth: It’s too complicated legally.

Most wedding coordinators will tell you to just register your wedding in your country of residence so you don’t have to worry about legal procedures during your destination wedding. But if you really want to make it legal during your actual wedding, most hotels or wedding planners will be able to assist you as well.

In Conclution:

You can have it all! You can have your dream destination wedding with the guests you want, the vendors you want (especially your photographer!), and stay within a similar budget as an in-town wedding!

Big thanks to Bridget Davis with Bridget Davis Events for helping us uncover the truths about destination weddings! If you still have questions or myths to bust, please feel free to ask me or contact Bridget!