Engagement Outfit Inspirations

December 12, 2022

Indianapolis Indiana wedding photographer


I get asked all the time, “what should I wear”. It can be a tad stressful but no worries at all here are some outfit inspirations and tips.

Think Short

When planning your outfits, think about wearing a shorter dress that can show off your curves and shape. I also recommend that you think about wearing solid colors or smaller patterns. We want to focus to be on you two!

Think long and flowy

If you want to go with a longer dress think about a dress that can flow well. Give the dress a whirl and spin around.

Go Casual

Engagement sessions are such a great time for you to show off your personalities! Dress up and dress down! I love an outfit change. Here are some inspirations for a more casual look.

The BEST TIP… Be Your Self!

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