How To Rock a Photo Shoot

October 19, 2017


If you want to know how to rock a photo shoot just ask my girl Eve!  She came excited, with lots of ideas and outfit changes!  As a photographer we love working with people who are willing to let some of their inhibitions go, be willing to be uncomfortable and maybe even have fun!  Now for some there is a warming up process, maybe a couple of jokes or get to know you chats and for others they are able to jump right in!  But no matter who you are, old or young, tall or small, shy or NOT I am confident that we can worked together to make your photo shoot ROCK and you feel beautiful!

  • Heather Marie Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography.  Some of my favorite things to photograph are (but not limited to): wedding details, newborn babies, emotional moments between people, my kids and anything at the beach!

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