Top 4 Tips for Winter Weddings

January 25, 2022

Winter Wedding


1. Dress in Layers

Think about adding extra layers. You can always take a jacket off, BUT no matter how fast your photographers are outside photos will get COLD fast! Ladies a little trick….. When you are taking your photos throw on some nude leggings for an extra layer as well.

2. Go with non traditional winter colors.

Don’t feel like you need to stick with the “normal” winter colors. Talk to your florist about what flowers are available and you can come up with about any color pallet you want.

3. Earlier ceremony time!

Look at the sunset times! In the winter we have less light to work with. So take this into consideration when you are planning for photos. A little tip is to consider a first look. This way you will have the bulk of your photos taken earlier in the day.

4. Lighting!

Twinkle, Twinkle! Having great lighting will help set the romantic winter mood. Because of the sunsetting earlier you will have more opportunity for creative mood lighting!

Winter wedding are becoming more and more popular! If you are planning a wedding and have any questions contact us! We would love to chat!

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