Top 6 Best Photo Spots in Central Indiana

April 19, 2020

Engagement photography, wedding photographer



Coxhall Gardens

Carmel, Indiana

This location is more like three locations in one. It offers some great variety: a gorgeous amphitheater with classical style architecture, the grounds of an old estate complete with a historic home, and a pond with lush trees. It’s the perfect backdrop for both casual and more formal looks, so bring both and let’s make the most of this gorgeous destination! I love the light here throughout the day, but the evening light on the pond—oh! It’s just pure magic.

Engagement photography, wedding photographer
Coxhall garden, engagement, photographer


Indiana State Parks

Indiana has some great natural destinations for beautiful backdrops to your pictures. And each season brings something new in these parks, so your photos will be unique. Nature is ever-changing! One of my favorite state parks is close by: Fort Harrison State Park. It has such a cool history and plenty of places to provide the perfect setting for your photos.

Fort Harrison State Park, Indianapolis  Photographer


Holliday Park

Indianapolis, Indiana

This place has an old-world, European vibe to it thanks to “The Ruins,” remnants of a building that was torn down in New York City in the 1950s and transported here. But there’s also plenty of natural settings thanks to gardens, picturesque trails, and access to the White River. I love how couples can glam it up or go more casual, and both work in this setting. Spring and summer are particularly great seasons at this location, but it’s nice year-round!


Downtown Indianapolis

From the monuments to the canal walk, downtown is so photogenic! But it’s not just big landmarks that catch my eye downtown. I love how random alleys, even parking garages, can become the backdrop for dramatic and gorgeous photographs. You can celebrate your love of the Circle City, great architecture, history… whatever! The city definitely offers a lot to love.


Your Favorite Coffee Shop or Restaurant

I love making your sessions personal, and nothing is more personal than a place that’s special to you. Maybe you went there on your first date, got engaged on the patio, or just love grabbing your favorite drink there. The pictures we take there will have even more meaning for you because it’s a place you’ve been, and it’s a place you’ll likely go again. It’s part of your history (and probably your future), so let’s capture it!

Indianapolis wedding venue


A Wedding Venue

These venues aren’t just reserved for your big day, so don’t overlook them as possible locations for engagement, anniversary, or other shoots! They’ve got a lot to offer (which is why people choose them for weddings!), and most of the time, we can take photographs there for free. If you had trouble deciding between venues, you could take your engagement photos at the runner-up! With these venues, we’ll just be sure to contact them ahead of time to make sure our session date doesn’t conflict with a scheduled event.

What do you think? Did we miss any of your favorite spots or locations? Tell us about it!

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