Top 6 Poses for Couples

February 3, 2021


1. Take a walk

Natural and romantic, walking hand-in-hand is a great “pose” for couples. Walking adds movement to the picture and keeps it from feeling stiff and too posed. To get the best photos, don’t just walk straight ahead, looking at the camera. I always tell my couples that my one rule is DON’T look at the camera! Look at each other, chat, laugh, and even lean in for a kiss.

2. Hold each other tight

Let’s get close! You may feel like you’re going to go cross-eyed, but I promise getting so close is so worth it! Starting “belly to belly,” we can do so many variations of romantic poses. This is such a great pose because it’s flattering for all body types—everybody looks great in this kind of “close-up”!

3. Sit and snuggle

This pose can be a tad tricky. Why? When people sit, they often look short and scrunched up. (Not very flattering, eh?) But don’t worry! I’ll be there to make sure you look cozy and beautiful, not short and scrunchy!

4. Show your shoulders

This is a great pose for our guys! Men tend to photograph well when they’re standing straight, looking toward the camera. The end result is broad shoulders on display and any hint of a belly is hidden! It’s also a great pose for us ladies because when our guys are facing the camera, we tend to be turned slightly away from the camera, which is a more flattering angle for our bodies. It’s a win-win!

5. Dance

This may be my favorite way to pose couples! I love capturing movement in a photograph, and dancing certainly allows for that. And with dance, the pictures really feel like a moment frozen in time. When I get a couple dancing, I find that they really relax and I get a more natural side of them, and the results are always beautiful!

6. Get a lift

This pose is just so fun! Worried you’ll end up looking like you’re falling or your clothes will get all bunched up? Don’t worry. I’ll help with some tips and some practice before we start. Trust me: you’re going to love these photos!

Heather Sherril Photography is an Indianapolis, Indiana based photographer who is completely dedicated to capturing your unique love stories in a romantic, genuine, and timeless photograph!

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