Dream Photoshoot Locations

October 26, 2020

Downtown Indianapolis


As a photographer, I’m always looking figuratively or literally through the lens of a camera when I go new places. I love finding new places that spark creativity and send my mind flying, imagining the beautiful photos that could be taken there. As I’ve worked with couples and families over the last several years, I’ve discovered that it’s not just photographers who are inspired by a beautiful location. You’ve likely also seen through the lens at some point, figuratively or literally, and thought how amazing photos would be in a certain spot. When I ask couples where their dream photoshoot location would be, one or both of them can usually answer pretty quickly.

So what are the most requested, picture-perfect locations for dream shoots?

The Beach

There’s something about the beach that speaks romance and peace to so many, and that’s probably why it’s one of the top-requested spots for photos. There’s nothing like the sea meeting the sky as a backdrop for a variety of pictures, from engagement to wedding to family photos.

Believe it or not, beach photos don’t always require travel to the coast or some tropical locale. One of the best discoveries I’ve made recently is Traders Point Creamery‘s gorgeous beach. Would you guess most of these photos were taken in Zionsville, Indiana, far from salt air?

Beach Wedding, Destination Wedding

Historic Homes

What says romance more than a mansion built in a bygone era? Pinterest is full of romantic weddings and photoshoots with historic homes as the backdrop, so it’s no surprise that they make the list for dream shoots. Whether it’s a castle in France, a manor house in the English countryside, or a timeless American dream closer to home, couples are loving a vintage setting for engagement and wedding photos. Two of my top requested spots in the Midwest have been Laurel Hall and Fowler House. Why? See Exhibits A through H below. 🙂

Indianapolis Indiana wedding, Photographer
Fowler House Mansion, Historical Mansion wedding
Black Iris Estate, Carmel Indiana


For some people, nothing is more romantic than the bustle of a big city—especially if that city served as the setting for your very own love story! Big cities offer so many options for different backdrops in such a small radius, which means you can easily capture multiple things you love about the city in one session. Indianapolis, Chicago, New York, LA, Paris, Rome calling anyone?

Downtown Indianapolis, Circle Center


If you grew up reading The Secret Garden or you have the manicured lawns and meticulous labyrinth gardens of Europe on your bucket list, you know why gardens frequently make the list of dream shoot locations. Lush greens and florals provide the perfect setting for romantic garden party-esque photographs.

Luxury or Historic Hotel

Hotels have been the frequent location for weddings and receptions for quite some time, and there are several good reasons why. But one is for the grandeur of the backdrop. We have some of the most beautiful hotels right in our backyard, which makes it easy to a hotel that fits just about any aesthetic and vision. Whether you want a jaw-dropping hotel that oozes history or something more modern and sleek, I guarantee you can find something to fit your style and dreams. A recent shoot at West Baden Springs Hotel fit the bill for the couple who not only loves history and all things vintage, but also just really love the hotel. It was definitely a dream photoshoot location for them.

Conrad Hotel Wedding

There are so many great spots for photos in the world. Where’s your dream spot? Spark my creativity and tell me yours!

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