Kennedy Farm Wedding

December 18, 2020

Indianapolis wedding photographer


Filled with beautiful dresses, the best florals, vintage touches, blue skies, and fun! This outdoor wedding reminds me of everything I love about Indiana!

Describe your wedding style and the little things you added to make your wedding special unique to you.

We had a few touches, that only we knew were special to us – my “something old” was a rosary from my late grandmother and my “something borrowed” was a a piece of jewelry from each of our mothers (necklace from my mom and earring from his mom). But the most special part of our day was having the friend that introduced us perform the ceremony. He has been there since Day 1, so it meant a lot to us for him to be the one to make it official!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favorite part of the day was after we took our pictures, before the ceremony started. We had some extra time and John and I got to talk and hang out a little bit and just relax together. I think it helped calm both of our nerves before the ceremony!

Any advice to future brides?

Take a deep breath, it will all work out in the end. We got married in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and I broke my hand 5 days before the wedding, but I will always look back on our wedding day with nothing by happiness.

How did WE (HSP) do?  Did Heather Sherrill Photography enhance your day?

Heather Sherrill Photography was the perfect addition to our day! Not only did Heather help me set up the schedule for the entire day, she kept us on that schedule! Her personality fit in perfectly and kept everyone happy and comfortable in front of the camera. I had SEVERAL guests tell me after the wedding how nice and wonderful our photographer was – and that was before they even saw the beautiful pictures!

Venue – The Barn at Kennedy Farm 

Dress – Sophia’s Bridal 

Florist – Bloom Custom Floral Designs

DJ – Indy Audio Solutions 

Caterer – Onsite Catering 

Cake – Let Them Eat Cake 

Hair – Suite Escape Beauty Retreat 

Makeup – Mrs. Bridal Artistry 

Spray tans – Honeykissed Spray Tanning