First Look Pros & Cons

April 28, 2021

First look


In the not so distant past, a couple would gasp at any suggestion that they see each other on the wedding day before they were facing one another on opposite ends of the aisle. “It’s bad luck to see the bride on the wedding day!” they would cry.

While some people still love the tradition and drama of saving that moment for when the bride walks down the aisle, many couples are making a new tradition a part of their wedding day: the first look. This planned moment ahead of the wedding where the bride and groom see each other for the first time, often just the two of them, is an intimate moment that typically makes for a meaningful and emotional photo opportunity.

The Pros:

  • With a planned first look, you know you’ll have a moment ahead of the full rush of the day to just be together. On your wedding day, there is so much to do and the day can (and will!) fly by. Your first look gives you a chance to collectively take a deep breath and share a gift or letters. Taking a pause and enjoying the moment can help put you both at ease for the ceremony and the rest of the day.
  • We can do the majority of the photos before the ceremony! This will give you time to party after the ceremony ends. You can actually enjoy cocktail hour and mingle with your guests!
  • You don’t need to move your timeline up earlier to accommodate for extra time after the wedding for lighting.

Tips from a photographer

  • Find out when the sun will set on your wedding day. In the summer, we have tons of light for group photos. However, other times of the year, we’re “chasing” the light before it’s gone!
  • If you want to travel to different locations for photos, you’ll need to plan more time. I recommend building in that time before the ceremony so you don’t keep you guests waiting after.

The Cons:

  • The biggest con is that the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. If you are more traditional or want to share this special moment with your friends and family at the ceremony, a first look isn’t for you.

First Look or Not? It’s up to YOU!

It’s your day, so whatever you want is what we will make work! We’ll look at your wedding day schedule and give you all the information to consider. Then you make the decision that is BEST for you!

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