Front Porch Sessions

April 28, 2020


Hey, 2020! You’ve been filled with some real unexpected curve balls already thanks to that virus we all know so well. We’ve all made some adjustments in the last few months. Becoming eLearning resources for our kids. Experts on proper sanitizing methods. Creative chefs in the kitchen. These times have presented interesting challenges and opportunities, to be sure.

But, I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl, so I’ve been focusing on all the positive things to come out of this. The way people, and especially families, have been connecting is one of the best things to come out of these difficult times. And I wanted to capture this unique time in our lives and our history as a nation—a time where a virus slowed us down and brought us together, either literally or metaphorically. It led many of us to take stock of what is important. It gave us opportunities to appreciate the good things in our lives even more.

“Social distancing” may be the phrase for 2020, but as these “distanced” photographs show, we came together too.

Front porch session, Indianapolis
Indianapolis front porch session
Front porch session

Thank you to all the families who invited me (and my super-long lens) to capture these moments of connection in their lives!

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