Something Old is Something New

June 1, 2020

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Everything comes back around, and that’s definitely true in weddings. You don’t have to look far to see the resurgence of some vintage and timeless trends. They may be “old,” but these trends are feeling fresh and new. Here are four I’m loving right now:

Gold Accents

Gold is having a real resurgence after being pushed aside in favor of silver and platinum for much of the first part of the 21st century. But gold’s hiatus from favor has been short-lived in comparison to the history it’s had as top choice. From Romans to royals, gold has been in vogue longer than it was ever out of vogue. Gold accents harken back to that long history and add such timeless glamour to any event.

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Bridal Portrait Session

Before the end of World War II, brides and grooms were traditionally photographed in a studio before or after the wedding; there were rarely photographers AT the wedding. Sometimes brides even traveled to the nearest big city ahead of their wedding day to ensure they had the perfect, glamorous studio portrait of them in their finery. 

Nowadays, photographers are at the wedding, and pictures in your bridal glory before or after the wedding are rare (though more common among Southern brides). But bridal portraits are making a resurgence north of the Mason/Dixon line. Brides are recognizing the benefits of doing portraits, especially before the wedding. Not only does a photo shoot (either in or out of a studio) ahead of the wedding give you an opportunity to try out your wedding hair and makeup with your dress and see how it all works together, but it also gives you more options and time to make sure you get the pictures you want in the dress of your dreams. The brides I’ve photographed ahead of their weddings were so glad they did. Most made tweaks to something—their hair, their makeup, their dress, or their accessories—as a result of the session.

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Vow Books

With just about everything going digital, it’s nice to see how many brides and grooms are choosing to go back to hand-written vows in keepsake vow books. I think it’s so sweet to have your words written in your own handwriting to read on the day of the wedding. And even sweeter, because it’s in a bound book, it becomes a possible heirloom to pass down in your family. Vows written on a napkin or saved in Notes on your phone can be lost or deleted, but vow books are more likely to keep. I can only imagine how special it would be to be able to read my grandparents’ handwritten wedding vows!

Big Bridal Bouquets

I am absolutely loving the return of the dramatic bridal bouquet! Don’t get me wrong: small and simple is still nice, but I LOVE seeing sweeping, trailing, full bouquets. They are gorgeous to carry and gorgeous to photograph. They add so much to your bridal look and can be so versatile: your bouquet can double as a backdrop for smaller details in your wedding, like your rings, or as a centerpiece at your table at the reception, among other things. I’m loving the natural, unstructured, “hand-picked” look of some of these vintage-inspired bouquets. 

Whether you’re a classic or modern bride, any one of these trends could be seamlessly integrated as part of your wedding experience!

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