How to Start Your Wedding Day RIGHT!

July 25, 2019

Indianapolis Weddings


Today is the day! What do you need to know, do, wear???? Can be very overwhelming but here are a few simple tips and tricks!

Start your day with FOOD and Drinks!

Its hard to remember on wedding day that you need to eat! Take time to relax while you and your friends get your hair and makeup done and have lots of fresh fruit, yummy treats, of course drinks…

Indianapolis wedding photographer

Have a Bag of Goodies Ready for me!

At the beginning of the day I like to focus on some of your wedding details. I will have you gather some important little “goodies” such as the RINGS, jewelry, invitations, perfume, vow books, something borrowed something blue, etc… And don’t forget the bring a nice hanger for your dress 🙂

Indianapolis wedding photographer
Wedding dress
Wedding invitations
Indianapolis wedding photographer

Think about the amount of space you will need to get ready!

Having a room full of girls getting their hair and make up done can fill up FAST! Think about getting as large of space as possible and keeping some areas CLEAN for great photo ops. Some brides have used Airbnb’s as well hotel conference rooms.

Wedding Venue, Indianapolis Indiana

What to Wear?

There will be a photographer photographing you and your wedding party getting ready so I would recommend wearing a button down or rob type of shirt. This way you don’t have to pull anything over your head after you get your hair and makeup done. I have been at a few weddings where we didn’t think about that and was a little stuck lol!

Indianapolis wedding photographer
Indianapolis Bride, Indy Wedding
Indianapolis wedding, wedding photographer


If you need to travel from one location to the next, think about getting a van or bus or limo and traveling all together! You can enjoy the ride as well as keep everyone together. This way no one is late, or missing, or confused about what is going on 🙂 And I would suggest the Trolley! Great lighting and you can move around!

Trolley ride, Indianapolis wedding
Trolley ride, Indianapolis wedding

Have someone help you keep track of time!

Its your wedding day you don’t need to be worried about time and whats happening next! I always recommend hiring a wedding coordinator they do so much from keeping everyone on schedule (I do that as well) to packing your bags, finding a lost groomsmen, communication with all the other vendors who are dropping off flowers and food etc……

At Heather Sherrill Photography we not only want to give you the absolute BEST photography but also services! Its one of the MOST important days of your lives and we take it very seriously and want to help you ENJOY!