Six Steps to Plan your Branding Photoshoot

July 22, 2020


Your business is like your baby, and when it comes time to show it off to the world, you want other people to love it as much as you do, right? Talk about stress and pressure (just like parenting!)! You came up with the idea and the passion behind your project; we can help you with creating and designing a branding photoshoot that will highlight those things—all in just six steps! 

1. Complete our questionnaire.

Don’t know where to start? No worries! We’ll start with a simple questionnaire to get you thinking in the right direction. 

2. Create an inspiration board.

Once you’re warmed up with the questionnaire, you might want to create some sort of inspiration board. What images have you seen that you like and might want to try for your business? What spoke to you and might speak to your brand? You can create an old-school physical inspo board, but you can also create a digital board with Pinterest. Photos you are drawn to that other business pros have posted, colors that remind you of your business or brand, aspirational images that speak to how you’d like your business to grow—pin them all!

3. Dial in your brand.

We can take it from here! We’ll take the information from your questionnaire, the inspiration board you put together, and information from conversations we’ve had with you to create a brand inspiration. This will help us dial in your brand identity and also determine what we need to capture in your brand photoshoot. Our goal is to get tons of material you can use for your website, social media, and other marketing materials.

4. Set a DATE!

Once we’ve made a plan, let’s set a date! This makes it real—real exciting! We’ll discuss timelines for your launches, events, and anything else you might have scheduled to ensure that the shoot is perfectly timed to provide what you need to promote those. Nothing planned? There’s still no time like the present to get something in the works. There are plenty of timeless images we can capture that you can use any time.

5. Gather your props.

Once we set the date, we’ll send you a detailed shot list of what we plan to capture as well as a list of props you should bring if you’re coming to the studio or that you should have ready if we’re shooting on location. 

6. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Then comes the fun part! We style your props and capture you doing what you love. This should be a no-stress experience filled with lots of laughter. We’re going to do our best to capture you and your baby—your business—in the best light possible. We promise both of you are in good hands!

Just a quick summary:

Ready to set up a meeting to get the ball rolling for your branded shoot? Drop me a line, and let’s chat!